Hrish Thota


30 January 1980
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Sometimes You Have To Go Halfway Around The World To Come Full Circle

Hi Everybody, this is H(a)rish Thota *The Ghost Who Walks* from Bangalore. Working in Bangalore now.. Spent first 9 years of my life in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh(my home town); then the next 9 years in Ahmedabad, Gujarat; and then next 3 years in Panaji, Goa; and then since July 2001, I'm in Bangalore ! Enjoying my work here and got a big friend's circle so good fun always ! :)

I love travelling. Have travelled over 60% of India and rearing to do the rest 40%. Also travelled to Miami, Florida, USA and to Frankfurt enroute. This is just the start of my travels ! :)

Hope to know all of you better and make some more good friends ! :)